Best room mate

10 things to say, you have the best roommate ever

  1. They know exactly what to say when your parents visit

When your parents ask them if you drink?

  1. You can pass household chores just by saying “aj tu karde”

When you ask them to do the household chores and they do everything

  1. When you both love the same things

Pizzzzaaaaaaa !!

  1. You dream of getting rich together

When you think about getting rich together

  1. Abusing each other with dirtiest and craziest gaalis with a smiling face

When you abuse the shit out of them but they don’t mind !!

  1. Doing weird things together

  1. Always up for drinking and night out

Who gets excited for drinking every single time you ask them

  1. Take care of you when you are drunk

And they take you home when you are drunk

  1. They lend you money and never keep a track of it

They never ask you to return the money you borrowed from them


  1. They eat your precious food without even asking you

They don’t ask you before eating your precious food

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