Game of Thrones, an american fantasy television story, created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, is among the most watched TV series in the recent times. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels.

The story is about the seven Kingdoms of Westros. There is a constant struggle among the realm’s strongest families for the Iron throne, which is considered as the “one throne to control them all”.

All through out there struggle, the leaders have to travel with their armies. They travel light with the bare necessities because they are in constant search for new lands to conquer and fulfill their ambitions.




Brienne joined the forces of king Renly Baratheon. She was named kings guard. After Renly’s death, she goes on to avenge his death. She travels to Rob Stark’s camp in her journey. She smuggles Jammie to King’s Landing. Brienne then in order to keep her oath, goes on to search stark’s daughters. She is accompanied by Podrick. They stop at an inn, where they are served kidney pie. Wherever they stayed during their campaign, they paid in advance, didn’t pay any deposit, as they never collected it while leaving the place. Choose SimplyMoveIn for deposit free and brokerage free living with all facilities.

BrienneAndPodrickBrienne and Podrick finally reach Winterfell and take a room at a nearby inn. Brienne waited till the battle which resulted in complete annihilation of Stanis army, then she sentences him to death.

Daenerys Targaryen after her struggled life, started her campaigns from Quarth. Her ships arrived at the city of Astapor. She gets the army of Unsullied. She then goes to Yunkai where she frees all the slaves. Though she was travelling with least assets, but that does not mean she did not enjoy the life of a house. She enjoy it to the fullest the castles and ruled as emperor. Now her campaign comes to a standstill here as her liabilities increases. As her asset and her liabilities towards citizens increased, she cannot take her campaign to King’s landing further. We have great options for for people looking for elite options.


Similar was Rob Stark’s journey winning from base to base. He never settled kept on conquering lands, till he was betrayed and killed.

All the Game of Thrones journeys are ambitious journeys like the careers of current generation. They do not know where they would be going next. We also do not know where our jobs and job hunt will be taking us. If  every one of them and us to keep on giving security deposits, were to gather assets, lives would come to a stand still. 

All SimplyMoveIn houses are deposit free. There is no brokerage involved. SimplyMoveIn with its fully furnished houses lets you live asset free and makes sure that living is not a stopping factor for you taking jobs anywhere. 

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Apologies to all GOT fans for a crude comparison. And our services only include fully furnished homes with Wi-Fi, TV, Internet, functional kitchen / food, room cleaning. Some also have laundry services. Electricity bills are also inclusive. We are sorry, as there are a lot services in GOT homes which we cannot provide.

Enjoy the new season releasing tomorrow, 24th April.

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