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Buying Vs Renting the House

This is a really old topic. We have published before on this topic. But its very relevant to the current scenario.

The residential real estate market may not be very promising still. The growth is expected in other real estate sectors but market residential space still is under recovery and returns may not be as expected.

Lets discover some better options than putting the money on buying house.

A lot of people invest in property after property. Even after having a home for themselves, they invest in more houses, to treat it as an investment.  A comparison Mutual Funds and Real Estate clearly shows how better a Mutual Fund investment would be compared to buying real estate. This is an article by  Stable Investor. Following is the conclusion of the article:

Now suppose you had invested that Rs 25 in real estate, which grew at 12.1% as mentioned few paragraphs earlier. This would have grown to Rs 139. Enough to buy 2 liters of petrol today. Now if this was invested in a mutual fund, which somehow could manage 25% return, it would have grown to Rs 711. Enough to buy at least 11 liters of petrol

There are various articles which promote real estate as a good investment option. The real estate deal may not be a better compared to even an FD. This article on Apna Plan tries to depict the real picture.  Its really important to get a good deal while buying a home for it to be a good investment. There are far better options to invest than an FD. There are options like Corporate Fixed Deposit, Government Bond, Debt Mutual Funds, Fixed MAturity plans etc. All these are compared on the article by Aniket on stepup money.

The above are the various options that are relatively safe and assure you fixed returns on investment at varied tenures. You can surely opt for any of them after going through past performance and returns they have yielded to choose which one you can invest your money in as an alternative option to fixed deposits in India.

There is also a study which clearly states that renting is far better than buying in most major cities except Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Kolkatta.

Think Different

Apart from not being profitable, its a big burden to carry. People who buy home, have to search for jobs nearby. Many a times the work place shifts / changes and one has to travel a lot daily. In cities like Bangalore, the travel  can cost house hours of your life daily. 2-3 hours of daily time, can you imagine how you could have utilized it ? Could have done courses to improve your CV, or could have had a good family time.

Jobs CAlling

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