Facts about SimplyMoveIn pictures and videos

Our goal is to empower you to take home rental decisions without having to visit every site location, negotiating incessantly with owners and brokers, and squeezing your bank balance to pay insane security deposits or advances.

In this section, we describe the uniqueness of SimplyMoveIn pictures and videos. Before we delve into that, let’s step back and take a look at how this works.

If you were to rent a home, you would visit the property, probably take out your mobile (until and unless you move with your DSLR all the time), and click a few snapshots that will you will review with your friends, family, and/or keep it with yourself so that you can revisit later.

We do precisely that! we visit every property that we list on our website or in other words, all our properties are 100% verified. We use our mobiles (fairly decent ones) to take pictures and videos of the properties as they are. We do not enhance the look and feel of our properties, and/or increase their visual appeal just to get your attention. We give you the real snapshot and videos of the properties and the locality nearby, just the way you would have got had you been there. There is no difference between what you see on our website and what you get.

With that, we replicate the behavior of majority (i.e. what you would have done had you been there) and eliminate the need for you to take out time to visit properties, and take home rental decisions quickly.

SimplyMoveIn is a platform through which individuals can rent fully furnished rooms, apartments, villas, and penthouses without broker without deposit.  The monthly rent also covers some of the basic home services. We are currently operating in Bangalore. Please visit us on www.simplymovein.com, and follow us on www.facebook.com/simplymovein for regular updates.

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