Guest house in koramangala

Guest House in koramangala

Bengaluru is among the fastest growing cities in India and Koramangala is right at the centre of all the madness that we know is Bengaluru. It is a popular location for hangouts, clubbing, dining, shopping and everything else. You name it, and Koramangala most certainly has it. From prestigious educational institutions to state-of-the-art hospitals, entertainment zones and shopping malls, Koramangala has it all in a compact collection that packs one hefty punch.

 History and Development of Koramangala

Koramangala’s history lies in the soil. What we call Koramangala today was once a simple farmland that seemed to stretch forever. In the late 1960s, the St. John’s Medical College was established here and this was one of the first modern buildings to come into being here. Soon, the IT boom of the ’90s led to the establishment of Electronic City and the Forum Mall, making Koramangala one of the busiest localities in all of Bengaluru.

Many who visit this locality often consider it to be one of the expensive locales in Bengaluru and, in some ways, that is true. However, most people don’t know that if you look closely, Koramangala has something to cater to all budgets. The same is true with your future guest house in Koramangala. Many students, families, and working professionals prefer to stay in a Koramangala guest house as these are often more convenient as opposed to renting apartments that may include cumbersome procedures.

Options for a guest house, Koramangala, also includes furnishings and services. Many of the guest houses are located close to several offices as well as colleges. You can easily find guest houses in proximity to the Christ University or near the Bosch Campus, which reduces your daily commute significantly.

Why a guest house in Koramangala?

 There are innumerable entertainment options available in Koramangala, from movie theatres and shopping malls to food streets and much more. The area is also quite close to Electronic City, which happens to be a major tech hub that won Bengaluru the name ‘Silicon Valley of India’. There is a high-speed expressway that leads straight from Koramangala to Electronic City.

Koramangala is a melting pot of cultures as it is a highly popular location for techies landing in Bengaluru from all parts of India. Being right in the centre of Bengaluru, Koramangala is almost equidistant from almost all IT hubs. It is easily accessible from all parts of Bengaluru via road – plenty of buses, cabs and auto rickshaws go through here on a daily basis. The region is also accessible by both the Inner and the Outer Ring Roads.

Guest houses in Koramangala are suitable for both bachelors and families, many of whom use these while they look for permanent houses to move into. Opt for SimplyMoveIn to find your place. Our team can assist you in finding that perfect guest house; Koramangala has a whole lot to offer! Hassle-free and incredibly easy, all you need to do is log on to our website and browse through the curated Koramangala guest houses and pick one that suits you best.

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