International Students – Preferred Accommodations in Bangalore

Bangalore has become the hub for international students. About one in four international students prefer Bangalore as their favorite destination for studying. This city is one of the most versatile city (in terms of cuisine, weather, culture and language ) in India. There are various  schools and colleges which attract international students. Be it government institutions like AIMS, IIM, IIIT or private institutions like TISB, JIRS MAIS etc, every one has programme for international students. Apart from admissions, a lot of international students come for internships and student projects. While students coming for studying may live for a long period, internships can last from 2 to 6 months.

The reason for choosing Bangalore are multiple. First of all Bangalore culture is open, population in general is comfortable with English, they are also open with accepting other language and culture. Second is the great weather of the city, which is cool and comfortable through out the year, compared to other big cities in India. Third reason is the availability of colleges and companies. Students are attracted to study here, they get great placements,  many prefer coming for internships.

SimplyMoveIn had served a good number for international students. They choose SimplyMoveIn because of the quality and service at its properties. Be it villas, shared apartments or independent houses, each property is maintained to the best standards. Most importantly, be it a short stay or long, SimplyMoveIn offers stays without any deposit or brokerage. Students feel the most comfortable choosing our houses because of flexibility of moving and shifting whenever they want as there is no money stuck in deposit and quality is assured whenever and wherever they choose the SimplyMoveIn accommodation. We have served students from US, Germany, UAE, Thailand and Kenya. These students are from colleges like IIM Bangalore, Karnataka College. etc. Students who came for internships in companies like Google, Mercedes Benz, KPMG have also chosen our facilities.

Some students choose properties like rooms in villa or room in apartment. These houses are well ventilated and lavishly furnished. They have kitchens where you can cook. They also have caretaker at disposal so that food and other services can be given as per your needs. You can choose your favorite food and it will be available when you come back from your happening days. Security is the vary best in these places.

Some students prefer independent houses like the 1bhk in HAL, or 1bhk in BTM. These are independent houses which is totally ready to move in. It is fully furnished and as all necessary electronic items. WiFi, high speed internet, cable TV, gas connection etc are provided. These houses offer independent living without any deposits.

Students preferring budget accomodation also have options like the rooms near IIM Bangalore, or rooms with food and laundry in Koramangala. These places also offer free and independent living with all basic facilities. These options are available in great locations near to schools, colleges and companies.

A lot of international students have chosen the SimplyMoveIn options as these are located in best locations, they offer best quality and service and if you want independent living, its simply the best option. Simply book a visit to our property nearest to your requirements and discover the SimplyMoveIn. SimplyMoveIn has a great app, recently launched, which serves not only as a discovery platform but also helps in quality assurance, monitoring and fast problem resolution.


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