Life of #NoDeposit and #NoBrokerage

Real comments of customers when they hear about #NoDeposit on #SimplyMoveIn:

  • “Impossible!! …. Dude are you kidding??”
  • “Really ?? Is it true ?”
  • “Why did I pay that huge deposit for my last house … I would get my Euro Trip from that amount”
  • “This is truly amazing … I can live my life so freely”


and when they hear about #NoBrokerage

  • “Whaaa !! I am moving in today”
  • “How is this possible, are you running charity ??”
  • “Please bring SimplyMoveIn in my city”


Every day we get these comments from the customers which hear about us.

You can choose from wide variety of our options:

  1. fully furnished homes (for people looking for freedom and privacy of a flat without any deposit and brokerage)
  2. service apartments (unbeatable monthly rates and great quality)
  3. shared accommodations (good quality and verified PGs) and
  4. hotels (again at best and unbeatable monthly rates)

The wide variety of options can fit for any budget. All these options give you complete freedom and stress free life.

Advantages of #SimplyMoveIn #Lifestyle are numerous. With no money stuck, just find places nearest to you job locations, nearest to you college or nearest to you girlfriend’s/ boy friend’s house. No need to stick to a house whenever any of them changes 🙂 We have the easiest move in process ever


Everything in these houses is already set up, truly ready to move in. The SimplyMoveIn options are not only fully furnished but are fully functional with furnished kitchen, WiFi, electricity, Cable TV and many more things which are must for daily living. No need to orry about any of these as they are already present in all out options.

The life without deposit and brokerage can be really amazing. There are multiple advantages which we discover everyday we have a talk with our customers.We love to amaze customers daily. No just on our unique business model but also by our services. A lot of our customers come back, they recommend us to their friends and relatives, and of-course why not … this is really amazing!!




Contact us for your requirements across Bangalore. We have fully furnished 1bhk, 2bhk, 3bhk, villas, penthouses. We also have rooms and beds in these options.

email: nitin@simplymovein.com

Phone: +91-9619867630


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