carbon foot print

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Each of our daily activities contribute to the carbon dioxide release in some way or the other. We commute to our offices daily, spending hours in traffic, its a major contributor. We buy things which we are not able to consume. Producing those goods have contributed to the carbon emission. When we discard them, its again a major contributor to waste generation. The more the things one keep with oneself as assets, the more he / she adds up to this factor. When one moves / shifts from one place to other, shifting ones belongings contribute to vehicular traffic and thus carbon dioxide emission. One may leave many things behind and then purchase again in the new house.

How SimplyMoveIn helps reduce Carbon Footprint?

Carbon foot print is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization, or community.

carbon foot print

We provide fully furnished houses with all facilities. One may just carry his bags and just move into our houses. All these houses are already equipped with all basic facilities like Wi-Fi, Internet and Cable-TV. Some provide food while others have a fully functional kitchen, which is ready to be used. No need to buy / transport / discard all these things again and again every-time you shift. This SimplyMoveIn helps you lead an asset free life. Helps you be agaile, shift anywhere, choose any jobs, without any burden of shifting your assets.


When searching for a property, one has to check out a lot of them in order to finalize. Properties look different in photos and when come to on ground reality its different. SimplyMoveIn does not edit the photos and make up the place in order to take the photos. We also have property videos, which help people understand the property better in terms of dimension and space. We call it property walk-through. This helps reduce the property selection hassle to a lot, thus reducing your travel and decision making time, helping reduce carbon footprint.

Resources are put to best utilization, as it is optimized for best usage and distribution. Waste of resources is minimized as common resources are efficiently used. As the costs are accumulated cost saving products like solar water heaters become affordable. Many of our properties use solar water heaters to reduce their power consumption. Some properties provide food, when cooked in bulk, helps in resource conservation.

The biggest advantage a user gets is a property which has no deposits and no brokerage. This relives them of all boundations. One can find an accommodation near his workplace every time he / she shifts his job. Topped with asset free model, its really easy to shift.

Book a SimplyMoveIn accommodation today and help reduce carbon emissions. Who would have thought that living can be both good for earth and hassle free at the same time?

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