What are the terms of stay at SimplyMoveIn?

At SimplyMoveIn, our mission is to empower young working professionals with tremendous flexibility to relocate anywhere they want, anytime they want without having to worry about brokers, landlords and their money in the bank. We offer fully furnished 1 BHK homes in Bangalore without any brokerage, deposit or lock in. 

Below are our key terms:

1) In order to book the flat, we take a nominal INR 5000 that is fully refundable at the time of check out. The purpose of this booking amount is two folds - one to make sure you are going to turn up after booking the flat and, more importantly, that you pay the BESCOM/electricity bills on time and there are no pending BESCOM/electricity dues once you check out. If the electricity bill reflects a pending amount once you have move out of a SimplyMoveIn flat, we will deduct the amount from INR 5000 and transfer the balance amount within 2-3 working days of receiving the BESCOM/electricity bill. If there is no pending amount, you get INR 5000 back with 2-3 working days of the bill getting generated for sure. No questions asked!

2) If you book a flat by paying INR 5000 and later decide not to show up or rent the flat, this booking amount will NOT be refunded. The moment you book a flat, we get the flat ready by getting it deep cleaned and making sure that everything is working fine. Moreover, it takes time, money and resources to go out in the market once and find a replacement tenant. In case of a no show, this amount covers the aforementioned charges. 
3) At the time of check in, you need to pay full month's rent i.e. it is pay and stay at SimplyMoveIn. If you decide to stay beyond one month, you need to pay every month's rent within 2 working days of the start of the rental cycle. To explain with an example, you move in to a fully furnished flat by paying INR 20000 (full month rent) on 10th of July. Your rental cycle automatically becomes 10th-9th. In order to continue your stay beyond 9th August, you need to pay INR 20000 by 11th August. There is a 2 day buffer to cover for any unforeseen situations. You have to pay by 11th of every month to extend your stay by a month. On a case to case basis, we are open to discuss changing the rental cycle. 

4) While there is no lock in which means it is not mandatory to stay for any particular period of time, there is a minimum mandatory notice period of 1 month. Moreover, we charge monthly rent in advance. Hence, the minimum period of stay automatically becomes 1 month. You are free to stay for less than one month if you have to but we would charge for complete month. You may also give a longer notice period. In that case, we would calculate the payable amount (rent) on a pro-rata basis.

5) All our flats are fully furnished with cable, internet and gas connections being provided. While you get a plug and play set up, you have to bear the electricity, internet and gas charges as per your usage. Our rentals do not cover any of the above recurring expenses. 

6) While our rentals cover common area maintenance and regular wear and tear inside the flat, no major damages are covered. We understand things wear out with daily use, and expenses related to daily use (carpenter, plumber, electrician and locksmith) are covered in the rent. Cost of any extraordinary damage has to be borne by the tenant. Turnaround time of issue resolution is 48 working hours in normal situations.

7) While you are free to live the way you want to, please make sure you don't disturb any other tenants. We guarantee privacy i.e. nobody can enter your flat without your permission, not even the SimplyMoveIn team until and unless there is an extreme/unavoidable situation and/or emergency. This privacy and independence should be enjoyed without bothering others. Failing to do so allows us to ask you to vacate the flat with one month notice or lesser (in case of extreme situations).

8) On a case to case basis, we may allow pets by charging a deposit. This is to cover any damage that may occur to the furniture. You take whole and sole guarantee of any damages, issues or problems caused by your pet.

We hope you find our terms reasonable, transparent and tenant friendly. Should you have any further queries or if you would like to rent a fully furnished 1 BHK apartment in Bangalore, visit SimplyMoveIn, write to us on support@simplymovein.com, and call/whatsapp us on 9108447827.


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