The Other Side of the City at Electronic City

One of the biggest game changers in Bangalore’s development, Electronic City is one of the largest information technology parks in Bangalore and houses thousands of employees. The teeming masses of families and individuals that have flocked here for career opportunities have given rise to plenty of serviceapartments in Electronic City on monthly basis. The area has developed purely to service the people who work there and those who visit to the best of their ability, providing a home away from home with all the comforts and amenities.
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Electronic City service apartments
Over the years, service apartments have sprung up by the dozen and come in all sizes and at different costs. Some are equipped with neat little kitchenettes and have basic equipment like kettles, stoves and fridges. There are a few places that have gone the extra mile and provided units with a living room, dining area and all the other comforts of a long term stay like TVs, washing machines, and microwaves. Most of these are located very close to the park on or off the main Hosur Road and are less than a ten-minute drive to the park.
Close to all the action
Service apartments in Electronic City are also strategically located close to all the modern-day needs of a business traveller. There are restaurants here to suit the needs of all kinds of palettes for Indian and International guests. There are also a bunch of fun and exciting pubs and lounges to relax in after a long day at work. Of course, there is always a bunch of malls that will supply the retail and entertainment needs for people of all ages. Small shops, quaint eateries and cafes dot the area and provide refuge to the weary folk of this bustling little city.
Connectivity and roads
The areas around Electronic City are highly developed with posh high rise apartments, exotic villas, residential layouts, and all kinds of serviced apartments. Electronic City seems to exist in a world of its own and is very self-sufficient, being quite far away from the real city in Bangalore. All (excellent expressway) roads lead to Electronic City and there are dedicated toll gates for regular commuters from the city or staying nearby. It is also close to the highly developed areas of Bannerghatta, Jayanagar and JP Nagar by road.
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