Why SimplyMoveIn in post COVID world?

SimplyMoveIn was founded with a mission to empower millions of young working professionals with infinite flexibility to relocate anywhere they want, anytime they want without any frictions. One can rent fully furnished independent and private homes without any brokerage, deposit or lock in.

Our homes become all the more relevant in the post COVID era for the following reasons:

1) Complete privacy: We are arguably the only operator of managed homes who has been incessantly vocal about privacy for the past 4 years. In fact, we do not operate shared homes/hostels/PGs as that goes against our belief that privacy is a fundamental right. In the post COVID world, this word has a new meaning altogether. It is critical for individuals to stay privately, maintain maximum possible distance with others, especially strangers/unknown individuals, and focus on hygiene. Our homes give you total control on each of these elements.

2) Clean food: 100% of our homes have attached kitchens, and we provide gas connection, burner and all kitchen utensils that are sufficient to make majority of Indian and Continental dishes at home. We also provide refrigerators in our homes so that you can store your fresh fruits/vegetables and cooked food in a hygienic way. Our tenants are also free to hire cooks in their independent apartments as required.

3) Save cash : In times of uncertainty, cash is king. It is important that you keep liquidity in your banks or safe investment instruments. As we do not charge any deposit, there is no need for you to take out a significant portion of your savings to give it to someone else. Note that the money that a tenant pays in deposit works for the landlord, and not for the tenant. Moreover, there are no painting charges, no move in and move out charges, and no scope for any unreasonable deductions since no money is locked. Hence, our tenants get to keep their cash and use it the way they want.

4) Get flexibility: One can just pack bags and move in, pack bags and move out of our home. Whatever professional or personal reason it may be, you can shift places at your will. Whether it's a new job within the city, a new job outside the city, you just got bored living in the same place, found a friend or a girlfriend to live with, need to travel overseas for a few months, need to take a break for a few months, need a couple of months elsewhere for medical treatment, you can switch your rental clock on and off, by moving in or out, in line with your needs.

5) A friend: Last but not the least, we are your friends in the city. We work tirelessly to make sure your stay at our home is a breeze. With us, all promises are delivered and hands free comfort is assured. This is reflected in our ratings as well - 4.8/5.

We are changing rental housing and look forward to serving more dynamic young professionals in the near future. Feel free to reach us on +91-9108447827 or write to us on support@simplymovein.com for any questions.