10 Best Restaurants in HSR Layout

HSR Layout has become Bangalore's most sought out location for the young and millennial working class over the past few years. To cater to the dining demand of this crowd, new cafes and restaurants have sprung all over the neighbourhood. Let’s see the top 10 restaurants that are attracting diners from all over the city.

  1. Rasoiya Street: This restaurant serves pure vegetarian food of Mexican, continental cuisines with an Indian twist. 
  2. Mumbai Tiffin: They offer an array of vegetarian North Indian dishes whipped up in a compact, no-frills surrounds.
  3. Arogya Ahara: This is the place where you can find the best dosas in the entire city. Make sure you arrive as possible to avoid massive queues during weekends.
  4. Biryani Zone: They serve some amazing range of biryanis and they have options for both veg and non-veg
  5. Once upon a Flame: This place is a meat lovers paradise. They serve some of the best steaks and sizzlers.
  6. Sector 7 cafe: Perfect place to hang out for a Sunday brunch with your friends.
  7. Leon Grill: Serves some best Turkish and middle easter cuisines ranging from falafel, burgers and doner wraps.
  8. Kapoor’s cafe: Offers typical Punjabi cuisine served on village-style beds with Dhaba ambience.
  9.  Napoli Italian Cafe: If you are craving authentic Italian cuisine, this is the place you should be heading for. They make hand-tossed pizzas in wood made Owens. 
  10. Mustard food court: if you are looking to grab a quick lunch during your work hours, this is the place for you. They offer a wide variety of dishes at pocket-friendly prices. 

To enjoy these restaurants and taste new cuisines, lot of young crowds are calling HSR layout as their new home. 

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