List of 10 MNCs located in Embassy Golf Links, Domlur

Embassy GolfLinks Business Park | Bangalore | Embassy Group IT Park

Embassy Golf Links (EGL) on the 100 ft road is a large IT/Business Park in Domlur and one of the most prominent and well known business hubs in Bangalore. Below is a list of 10 multinational companies with offices in Embassy Golf Links (EGL) tech Park.

1) Microsoft - while Microsoft has a bigger office on the ORR, it occupies Signature Building in EGL

2) Fidelity - the Pinehurst building of the tech park has been occupied by Fidelity Investments, the global money manager, for a very long time

3) IBM - the mega IT services giant has multiple offices across Bangalore, one of which is located in this tech park

4) PwC - one of the Big-4 professional services companies has its delivery center in Embassy Golf Links

5) SwissRe - the Zurich based global re-insurer shifted from Vaswani Centropolis to EGL

6) McAfee - one of the most well known cyber security companies has its office in the tech park

7) JP Morgan Chase - a fortune 500 global investment bank 

8) Citrix - multinational software company has an office here

9) CSC - one of the largest IT service providers occupies a large office space in Embassy Golf Links

10) Yahoo! - legendary web services provider has been a long time occupier of office space here

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