What to expect in a SimplyMoveIn home?

SimplyMoveIn is an operator of fully furnished 1 BHK and studio flats for rent without any brokerage, deposit or lock in. Currently, we are operational only in Bangalore. Here is what to expect as an SMI customer

1) Completely fitted out homes for rent in Bangalore - from woodwork to electronics, gas connection and kitchen utensils to WiFi and Cable connection, we provide an unmatched plug and play environment for students and young working professionals. Our customers don't need to make any expenditure on fixed assets in a home. You move in with a bag and start enjoying your stay and working from home within minutes.

2) Privacy and Independence - these words hold a new meaning in the post-COVID world. Social distancing is the new norm and isolation is the best way to stay healthy and safe.  Our customers rent out whole 1 BHKs and studio from us, and it is up to them whether they would like to share with any friend, family or significant other. Our customers live the way they want without any disturbances from individuals sharing the same apartment, and/or landlords questioning their lifestyles.

3) Customer delight - while every company talks about customer support, we exist to delight our customers and give them an experience they would not get anywhere else. We look after resolving any issues that you may have during your stay in the same way we would have if we were staying in the home ourselves. We know regular wear and tear is unavoidable and hence provide electrician, plumber, carpenter and locksmith services (not for any major damage though) free of charge to our customers. Not just these, we are just a phone call away for anything that our customers may need.

4) No money related hassles - we provide homes at no deposit. Yes, no advance or security money! You pay the rent and move in. As simple as that ! There have been many instances where our customers started from a different city, reached us during their travel, visited us upon reaching Bangalore, and moved in, and started cooking all within a few hours. Our customers don't need to worry about breaking fixed deposits or asking for large sums to pay security deposits, they just pay the rent and stay the way they want to. Moreover,  our customers don't need to worry about deductions - move out charges, painting charges - or any fees that they have to pay when they move out. Our customers don't need to make incessant calls or follow up endlessly to get their money back and their money isn't at anyone's mercy.

5) Flexibility - while flexibility has become a cliche, SimplyMoveIn flexibility is something that is hard to match. With SMI, there is no lock in. What this implies is our tenants may move out at their will without conditions by just giving a month's notice. What this further implies is that their house will never be a hurdle in the personal or professional path. Whether it's a job offer in a different city, an urgent medical condition, a sabbatical, a travel plan, a new relationship, SMI flexibility keeps them ready.

In order to learn more about our fully furnished 1 BHK flats for rent in Bangalore, please reach us on +91-9108447827 or support@simplymovein.com.


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