Upgrade your life from PG to private home with same flexibility

PG or coliving is one of the options which people choose when then want something fast and when they are not sure about their stay and location. But what if a private an independent home gives you the same freedom. 

SimplyMoveIn homes offers freedom to move in move out immediately into a ready to live house. These houses are fully functional and immediately liveable. It has ready internet, cable, LPG and electricity. It also has washing machine, fridge, TV, gas, kitchen utensils, dining table, tea table. A separate bedroom, a hall and kitchen allows you to enjoy your privacy as well as help in work from home.

Like a PG / colive offers one to move in immediately, SimplyMoveIn also gives you same freedom. The images you see on the website are exactly the same as they really are. Few customers have rented their homes on the go, while they were travelling, on the way, to Bangalore. 

A private home is always far more than any shared accommodation, PG or colive can offer. With the freedom, flexibility and privacy it gives, the choice is really clear.

Added advantage, SimplyMoveIn homes come without any deposit or brokerage and just 15 days notice. Such a freedom for renting is unmatched and unseen in the whole space of home renting. So come today and choose a SimplyMoveIn home. Come with you friends and family. The place is also secure and safe for couples. We don't differentiate on religion and every one is welcome. The only condition is not to disturb neighbours and do any activities which are not legal. A home with multiple benefits, come and explore on SimplyMoveIn.com , Call / WhatsApp us on 910847827.