Why furnished 1 BHK homes?

1 Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen (1 BHK) apartments are, arguably, the most popular rental accommodation options for bachelors, couples, and small families looking to have their private space with all necessary facilities to live their lives independently and without any restrictions. 

Staying in a 1 BHK apartment enables you to live your life the way you want without having to share rooms with strangers and overpaying for extra rooms and spaces that you do not require. So, whether you wish to have a get together or a late night Maggi session, you have no lifestyle restrictions. On the culinary front, you can prepare food, buy your favorite drink and store it in your own refrigerator, and/or hire a cook to suit your timings. On the privacy front, you can walk around in your comfortable clothes, sing your favorite song at your own pitch, and video chat in the wee hours without disturbing anyone.

Furthermore, renting a fully furnished 1 BHK apartment gives additional flexibility of not owing any household items and  moving places without having to transport or sell furniture at a depreciated value. Buying furniture restricts your geographical mobility and becomes an unnecessary and a rather avoidable hurdle in shifting places. 

Renting a fully furnished 1 BHK apartment from SimplyMoveIn is a further icing on the cake as there is no deposit or brokerage charges; that means you can invest your hard earned money, buy a bullet, or take that trip to South East Asia with the same money that otherwise would have worked for the landlord for as long as you stay on rent. Not just that, imagine the comfort of not having to haggle with anyone to get your money back! 

At SimplyMoveIn, friction free living with an utmost focus on independence and privacy is guaranteed. To inquire about fully furnished 1 BHK flats for rent in Bangalore, please write to us on support@simplymovein.com or call/whatsapp us on +91-9108447827. 


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