Why renting a home with SimplyMoveIn better than Coliving or PG

When choosing a place to live, one has to consider location, budget, flexibility & independence. In today's scenario one also has to consider, if one has to spend so much time in his place of living, because of lock down and work from home, then will it be possible. SimplyMoveIn offers you homes which are perfectly suited for these times. 

Pros and Cons of Renting a Homes:
    A home is something which is personal. It is the place where you spend most of your time. It requires to be something which gives you privacy and freedom. One can get up as he wants, live in his place, lie on couch, be lazy and sit in front of TV. One may need to attend calls, do work from home. Set your own place as per your needs. Overall it should allow you your deserved privacy of doing things you wants. But the con is you are locked with huge deposits, expense on furniture, settings up internet, cable, gas etc. 

Pros and Cons of Coliving or PG:
    Coliving offers on freedom to move in and move out. Its really good for short stays where one need to stay on a temporary basis. You may take a bed in room, or a private room. There is no attention at all to privacy, today you may have one room / flatmate, tomorrow he / she can be any one else. If you are sharing room, then there is really slim chance of working from home. Its good to sleep only. 

How SimplyMoveIn combines the best of both:
    SimplyMoveIn offers homes without deposit and brokerage. There is only 15 days lockin / notice period so it makes one life really ease, if all of a sudden one needs to shift. The homes are fully furnished not only with furniture but also electronic goods like TV, fridge, washing machine. Apart from beds, sofa, dining table, tea table, cupboards, kitchen cabinets it also has gas and basic kitchen utensils. Connections for internet, cable, gas is already there. SimplyMoveIn offers packages where one payment can cover all, monthly bills of gas, cable, internet and electricity is included. This is the freedom it offers.
    In terms of privacy, SimplyMoveIn provides private homes, where you have your own space. Its a completely private area where you are totally free to do your will apart from disturbing neighbours and illegal activities.
    Getting the best of both the worlds, bringing to you privacy, independence, freedom, flexibility and makes your life hassle free. 

Specially in this time of COVID-19:
    A private SimplyMoveIn home avoids sharing and thus makes your house private. You can totally avoid contact from any other outsider. Just take a full payment package and forget about all hassled. Work from home (WFH) becomes really simple with your private space. You can be yourself inside your home and attend calls / online meetings as you wish. 

So this is the right time to shift to a SimplyMoveIn home.

Call / WhatsApp us on 9108447827 for a home of your choice. 


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