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SimplyMoveIn Homes: What's for investors?

SimplyMoveIn is a professional managed accommodations company that provides fully furnished 1 BHK and studio homes without any brokerage, deposit or lock in. We are the most preferred rental housing operator that provides fully furnished independent and private homes to young working professionals in Bangalore. Partnering with a managed homes player gives investors (buyers/owners of property) a stable high-quality rental income without having to get into the hassles of property and tenancy management. At SimplyMoveIn, we manage your property as if it is our own and generate rental yields that compare, if not beat, with commercial real estate rental yields. We have a simple proposition for property investors: 1) Search a suitable property for purchase:   we will identify properties that are best suited for rental housing keeping in mind our target customers - the young workforce. We focus on 1bhk and studio apartments that, we believe, generate the highest rental income per rupee inves